This is complete guide / tutorial on how to make your own floppy game work on your CDTV or CD 32. This one is written in newbie style, so anyone will understand it. It's pretty lenghty, but most of the stuff you probably know already. If there are still questions or anyone has suggestions, please post a message on the message board. Thank you.


WinUAE V0.8.8.14 R 3 
(or higher, not tested)

Amiga In A Box release 8 
(or higher, not tested)

Workbench V3.1
(Do not ask me for this)

Kickstart rom 3.1 and 1.3
(Do not ask me for this)

A HD-Installable game
(In this case I used Turbo Trax)

MakeCD V3.2c
(unregistered version is fine)

(These are on the CD 32's developers kit, wich can be orderd from here)

Win On CD V3.6
(or any any other programm that supports .RAW image writing)

STEP 1: Installing WinUAE and Amiga In A Box

Download WinUAE and install it in it's default directory.

Install Amiga In A Box into the same directory were WinUAE is installed.

After installing,  copy both kickstart roms into the directory called "Roms" where WinUAE and Amiga In A box are installed.

Start WinUAE and load the first configuration (default), make sure you point the "Rom" tab to the path where the kickstart 3.1 rom is installed (In this case Program Files\WinUAE\Roms\Kick3.1.rom) and "Save" the configuration.

Click "OK" to start WinUAE, a message like "No Disc Present In DF0:" appears insert your "WB31.ADF" (Workbench 3.1 adf) by pressing "F12" and clicking on the "Floppies" tab. Hit "OK" to resume the process.

Now a window will appear that lets you pick screenmodes. Take the one that's closest to your desktop resolution. If you are at all confused just choose "UAEgfx 800x600 16bit PC" and hit "Save". Your now in the Workbench.

STEP 2: Installing a game

Insert all disks of the game (in this case Turbo Trax) by pressing "F12" and clicking on the "Floppies" tab, after that click "OK".

Open the second disc of the game and click on the "HDinstall" button (some games have their install on the last disk or any other disk), follow the onscreen procedures and install it to "DH2:TurboTrax" as seen below.

This will install the game onto the "HDGames" harddrive. In a directory called "TurboTrax".

STEP 3: Checking the game to be playable on a CD 32 / CDTV 

If the game is installed correctly a "user-startup" file is created in the "Workbench/S" drawer.

Open the the "Workbench" harddrive and click the right mouse button. A menu will appear. Click on the option "Show" "All Files" as seen below.

The "S" dir will become visable now. Open it and loctae the "startup-sequence" file. This is the file that is used to load all necessary programms to let the workbench function properly. Rename it by clicking the right mouse button on the "startup-sequence" file and clicking on the "rename" option. Rename it to "startup-sequenceorg" or something. This incase you screw up and can't get the workbench to appear anymore.

Rename the "user-startup" file into "startup-sequence" and edit it by pressing the right mouse button on the file and clicking the option "Open With" "GoldED". The file has to be like this:

This is an example for Turbo Trax only, this part is different in every game. You have to figure out yourself on how you can make it boot from a CD. Some games might even not need any assigning. 

After you have done this click the right mouse button and choose the option "Save & Exit".

Now drag 'n drop, just like in windows, the complete haddrive contents of "HD-Games" (The directory "TurboTrax" in this case) to the "Workbench" harddrive. The "TurboTrax" directory is now located on your "Workbench" harddrive.

Quit WinUAE by pressing the "F12" button and clicking on the "Misc" tab, the option "Quit WinUAE" is located there. (Make sure you ejected all floppie disks)

Start WinUAE again and disable any fast mem etc. It should look something like this:

 Click "OK" and if everything was correctly done the game Turbo Trax should start up. This indicates that this game would be playable on a CD 32, because a CD 32 doesn't make use of any Fast mem etc. If you wanna check if it would be palyable on a CDTV turn the "RAM" down to "1 MB" and set the the "CPU" to "6800" and change "Rom" into your kickstart 1.3 

STEP 4: Preparing the game to be burned

Rename the "startup-sequence" file, within Windows, wich was specially made to make Turbo Trax work into "startup-sequenceturbo" or something like that. Rename the backuped "startup-sequenceorg" into "startup-sequence". Start WinUAE and load the "default" configuration. Clcik "OK" to start.

Now go to the "HD-Games" harddrive and make a new drawer called "Test" (Right click the mouse buttom and click on the option "New Drawer"). Drag and drop the "TurboTrax" directory from the "Workbench" harddrive to this "test" directory. Within this "test" directory make two new drawers called "S" and "C". (See below)

Now copy the "startup-sequenceturbo" file from "Workbench/S" to the "S" drawer of "test" and rebame it to "startup-sequence". You also need to copy the "assign" file from "Workbench/C" to the "C" drawer of "test". Assign is not an internal command, the assigning part wouldn't work if we didn't do this.

Now your ready to make an image of the game.

STEP 5: Making an ISO image

First of all copy the directory "ISO9660TOOLS_V1.04" with it's contents and the info file  "" from the CD 32 developers kit to your WinUAE "Applications" harddrive. You can do this within Windows.

Download and copy the "MakeCD.lha" file to the "applications" harddriveof WinUAE. Start WinUAE up and load the "Default" configuration, click "OK" to start up the Workbench. Extract MakeCD by clicking on the "MakeCD.lha" file in your "Applications" harddrive. Now extract everything to the same harddrive. Start MakeCD up by clicking on it's "MakeCD" icon Click on the "Do Not Register" option, click "OK" and finally click "No".

Your now in the MakeCD programm. Click on the "Add" button and a second window will pop up. Configure the window so it looks like this:

After you have done this click on the big "Arrow" pointing down. Another window will pop up. In this window click on the "Add" button. Below sources there will someting like ">> dir << >> base dir <<" double click on this. The MakeCD requester will pop up. Find and click on the "test" directory where Turbo Trax is located (In this case "DH2:Test") and click "OK". Click on the "Boot Options ..." button and tag the "Add CDTV settings to image". Now locate your "Trademark file" (In this case it is located on the "Applications" harddrive in the directory "ISO9660TOOLS_V1.04/ISOCD/") and select the "CDTV.TM" trademark file, "CD32.TM" burned games do not seem to work. The "CDTV.TM" will work on the CD 32 and CDTV system. Now click "OK" and click on the button "Save". The rest of the options can be left alone. The "MakeCD: ISO Image Prefs" will look like this now:

Clcik "OK". On the "MakeCD" window click on the "Create Image File ..." button. A new window will pop up, click on the "Empty CDR" button. An image will be created now wich will be named "unregistered.raw" and will be located in the "MakeCD" directory.

You are ready to burn your image now.

STEP 6: Burning the image

Install and run "WinOnCD".

The "New Project Window" will pop up, click on the "Other" tab and choose the option "Track Image". Now drag 'n drop the "unregistered.raw" file to the track image and click on the "Disc" button to the left. You can leave all the settings as they are. (Set the speed at 2x) Now you have yourself a perfect working floppy game on CD wich is palyable on your CD 32 or CDTV.


Some games might need additional files in the "C" directory, like for example "KillAGA" or "Setpath". You have to figure this out yourself.

Not all games will work, some games need fast ram wich is not standard equipped.

Some games make use of a keyboard and / or a mouse, this is also non standard equipment. If the game needs a mouse you can fiddle around with the "JoyMouse" file that is available on Aminet, this will convert the mouse behavior to the joypad. As far as I know there is not such a thing for the keyboard.

You can't save games etc. until I figure out how the CD 32 handles this.

If somebody gets an other game working, please tell me about it.

You will probably have the most success when burning an OCS / ECS game that has it's own HDInstall and not a selfmade HDInstall like the WHDLoad / JST HDInstallers.