PC based Amiga Emulators

UAE (Ultimate Amiga Emulator)

The best Amiga Emulator available, it even has AGA support. All versions for different platforms and OS's are available at this site. Freeware.


Also a good and easier to use Amiga Emulator. There are currently 2 versions available, a DOS and a Windows version. Freeware.

PC based Additional Amiga Emulator Programms


For most UAE users the Amiga OS can be pretty daunting (and ugly). There is help on how to get everything working. Well, with AmigaInABox (AIAB), practically everything you could ever need is here - already pre-configured; MUI, Picasso96, Newicons, MagicMenu - even internet utilities! Freeware.

Cloanto: Amiga Forever

Amiga Forever is the all-in-one Amiga emulation and connectivity environment for PCs, officially licensed by Amiga International. All necessary files, emulators and kickstarts are in this package. Commercial product.

CD 32 / CDTV emulators

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CD 32 Games Install Kit

THE CD32 emulator & installer. With the help of a cool GUI you can install over 170 CD32 & CDTV games. There are many games, which don`t run with an emulator, for example: Chaos Engine. With the InstallKit`s "Install2001" technology nothing is impossible! Install Kit was tested on several configurations up to A4000/060. It has an 100% systemconform GUI and can be installed easily with the Commodore Installer. A Windows version is available also. Shareware.