30 July

The first version of the CD32 Games Install Kit v4.5 for Windows is out and it already can run the most games without problems because of the custom patches which are applied to almost every game. Even CD audio emulation is possible now! It's an addiotional programm that works in conjunction with a modified WinUAE (which you can download here and the source is available here). However, the Windows version of the CD32 Games Install Kit is currently only available for owners of the "The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition" CD-ROM. If you own this CD-ROM, head over to the update section and grab your copy!

I will post some screenshots of the emu in action as soon as possible.


17 June

As you might have seen on the Amiga Legal Emulation webpage, there will be a Windows version of the famous CD 32 Games Install Kit wich Installs & emulates over 150 CD32 & CDTV games by Andreas Falkenhahn. This programm will work in conjunction with WinUAE. I have managed to get some exclusive screenshots of this emulation software. It doesn't play any game yet, but at least you have an impression in what it will look like.

Enjoyed it. His webpage is located at: http://www.airsoftsoftwair.de/ You can get the Amiga version of this programm there  as shareware.


15 June

After a long, very long period there finally is an update. I have got a cable modem now, so I can receive and sent big files to the web now. As you can see I have changed the webpages name in the more suitable title Amiga CD Legal Dumping Projekt. I will be focussing the site more too Amiga users and emulator users instead of emulator users only. The first Amiga CD title is available for your downloading pleasure, please note that Amiga CD titles do NOT work on a standard Amiga CD 32. The second title I put online is a massive 63MB download wich is worth it. Beneath A Steel Sky. If annyone would like to see it in split format (portions of 10MB or so) place your comment in the ''Message Board'', if I get enough request I will split the zipped ISO.

As you can see I have also put up a new section ''Amiga CD Database''. I don't have too explain what it is, do I? There needs to be done a lot in this section. I need cover scans, manual scans etc. If you can help me out with this mail me.

If have put a new Romcenter DAT file, wich was completely rewritten and includes the newly released Oldtimer. So grab to organize your collection.

I am considdering putting up WHDLoad , JST games wich were never released on CD for you people to play from CD with a nice little menu. I will soon put up a list of games wich I need originals, WHDLoad installed or JST installed ones of. This offcourse will also be totally legal.