This game places you as a Purple-haired Warrior, battling his way through all manner of Mythological scenarios, from The Hydra and Medusa, to Harpies, Viking Gods, and all manner of things!

To start off with you are armed only with your hands and feet, pummeling to death the skeletons (aren't they already dead???) around you on the first level. As you progress, more weapons are available, many of which are essential for use against a particular enemy.
Finish him!
Ideally, you will need to know something about ancient mythology to get things right first time, else trial-and-error will prevail, and frustration will set in. For example, at one stage you need to pass Medusa, but she periodically Zaps out energy bolts from her eyes. Not knowing the story, you may try and avoid them, not worrying too much if one hits you - you can get an energy top-up later, anyway. Nope! Medusa turns people to stone with her stare. You'll need the shield that you found earlier (you *did* find it, didn't you?) to deflect her blasts until you are close enough to lop off her head!! You can then use her head as a weapon elsewhere, but I won't spoil it for you. ;)
Game Over
Myth boils down to an extremely engrossing platformer that still keeps me occupied. The control system is a bit fuzzy, and unresponsive at times, but overall this is one of the few games in which I only die through faults of my own, and not unfair programming. Great fun.


Slightly flawed, yet still a classic - the sound isn't comming directly from CD wich is a shame and graphics are *still* as impressive as they were when it was first released on disk. Too bad there wasn't any new stuff on the CD release.