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Welcome to Amiga CD Legal Dumping Projekt


The purpose of this website is to dump Amiga CD, Amiga CDTV, Amiga CD 32 released games in a legal way. Hopefully this will help and encourage emulator authors to work or improve Amiga CD / CD 32 / CDTV support in current emulation software for PC and Amiga.

How To Support this site.

Send CD's to dump, refer to the "Missing/Own" link to see what I have got and what I haven't got.


Permission to upload these games is given to this site only. Do not upload any games from this site to yours, your in violation of copyright laws.

The games on this site are only free to download / play and the copyright of the games, concepts, ideas, characters etc. is still held by the original authors / companies.

If an author or publisher wants to remove his game from this page for any reason at all I will do so without notification.

If you want some information about the Amiga CD 32 or the CDTV look in the "Links" section, there are some real good websites about those systems.

Emulation software for PC and Amiga systems can be found in the "Emulators" section.

Do not mail me any burning or game related questions, please read the "FAQ" first or post your question on the "Message Board".
Only mail me if you want to help.